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            核心提示: 作者: aidailicai 放假归来,继“中年少女”“佛系”“油腻中年男子”之后,“财务自由”又成为了人们讨论的热点。身边不少小...
          作者: aidailicai   

          放假归来,继“中年少女”“佛系”“油腻中年男子”之后,“财务自由”又成为了人们讨论的热点。身边不少小伙伴们纷纷表示:财务自由是什么,我们仅仅是温饱而已。After the return of the holiday, after the "middle-aged Maiden", "the Buddha Department" "greasy middle-aged man", "financial freedom" has become a hot topic of discussion. Many small partners have said: financial freedom is what, we are only food and clothing.

          那最新版男生女生财务自由的标准都是什么呢?且往下看:What is the standard of the latest edition of boys and girls' financial freedom? And look down:

          男生版Boys' Edition


          吃饭是人类最底层的需求,如果你厌倦了自己做饭,那么约上三五基友一起出去吃饭,不用看menu,想吃什么点什么。人生匆匆而过几十年,能吃多少,开心最重要! Eating is the most basic demand of human beings. If you are tired of cooking your own meals, you can ask 35 of your friends to go out for dinner, without looking at menu and what you want to eat. A life for decades, can eat much, happy is the most important!


          男生大多都喜欢打游戏,玩游戏就是图开心,在游戏世界中的顶层就是人民币玩家(又称土豪),他们的快乐是建立在非人民币玩家痛苦的基础上。抽奖、冲榜……满世界的刷屏,羡煞一众吃瓜群众。玩游戏就是开心,花钱买开心,有何不可!Most boys like playing games, and playing games is happiness. In the game world, the top players are RMB players, also known as local tyrants. Their happiness is based on the pain of non RMB players. Draw the prize and rush the list... A world full of envy of the scraper, the masses eat melon. Playing games is happy, happy to spend money to buy, why not!


          男生版的逛街大部分都是跟自己的女神约会,不等女神有所表示,主动上前买单,优雅大度又不失绅士风范,交朋友从来如此简单。Most of the boys' shopping activities are dating their goddesses. They wait for the goddess to show up. They take the initiative to pay the bill, elegant and gentlemanly. Making friends is always so simple.


          每个男人内心都有一个奔腾的小野马,而车自然成为每个男人成年后的第一梦想。买车不用考虑价格,不用考虑是否适合,是否费油,开着喜欢的车奔走在自己想去的地方。Every man has a small wild horse in his heart, and the car naturally becomes the first dream of every man's adult. Buy a car without considering the price, do not consider whether it is suitable, whether it costs oil, running the favorite car to go where you want to go.


          人的一生中至少要有两次冲动,一次为奋不顾身的爱情,一次为说走就走的旅行。不用考虑后果,不用考虑是否资金不足,不用考虑未来,打破或减少生活中的框框,让自己说走就走,就是旅行自由。In a man's life, there should be at least two impulses, one for love and a journey to walk. Without considering the consequences, we should not consider whether the funds are inadequate. We should not consider the future, break or reduce the frame of life and let ourselves go away, that is, freedom of travel.


          一句话:想买哪里就买哪里,我有钱,我任性。One sentence: where you want to buy, I have the money, I am willful.



          如果有一天能够不因价格,在车厘子柜台前徘徊犹豫,可以放肆大吃特吃,这大概是每个女孩的终极目标。然而大部分女生最多实现了奶茶自由,能够在想喝奶茶的时候,毫不犹豫拿起手机点一杯奶茶。It is probably the ultimate goal of every girl to be able to eat and eat unreasonably if one day is able to hesitate in front of the cart counter without price. However, most of the girls have achieved the most free milk tea, and when they want to drink milk tea, they do not hesitate to pick up a cup of milk tea.


          任何一个女人都无法抵挡口红的魅力,如果可以实现口红自由,遇见喜欢的色号可以不用东比西比,全部买下,那简直再完美不过了!然而大多数女生,大概只做到了在专柜试色自由。Any woman can not resist the charm of lipstick, lipstick can be achieved if freedom, love can not meet the color number Dongbixibi, all bought, it was perfect! Most of the girls, however, probably only have a free test in the cabinet.


          当开始一段说走就走的旅行时,不用顾忌经济压力,遇到喜欢的酒店就住下来,总统套房也好,临湖小别墅也罢,想住哪住哪,想住多久住多久,那么就是实现了酒店自由。When we start a journey of going on and on the road, we should not hesitate to put pressure on the economic pressure. We will live in a hotel that we like, whether it is a presidential suite or a small lake villas. If we want to live there and how long we want to stay, we will realize the freedom of the hotel.


          如果有一天遇见喜欢的包包,可以不用攒钱,不用货比三家却最终只能买下一个高仿,而是毫不犹豫买下,一个颜色来一个,搭配不用颜色的衣服,那么恭喜,你终于达到了包包自由阶段!If you meet your favorite bag one day, you can not save money, no more goods than three, but you can only buy a high imitation at the end, but do not hesitate to buy it. One color comes to match one without color. Congratulations, you finally reach the stage of free bag.


          Emmm……女孩们心中的dream house大概是这样:


          我们这一代人,既无出世的能耐,也无入世的精明,周转于人情世故间,还要应付着一地的鸡毛蒜皮。但我们依然相信:今日的负重前行,不过是为了明天更自由地活!Emmm... The dream house in the girls' heart is probably like this.
          Everyone has a steelyard, for their own financial freedom in simple terms, when your passive income to all daily cover of your spending, so is to achieve financial freedom. Passive income can be rent, dividends, investment income. For example, if you spend an average of 10000 yuan a month, then you can invest in a net loan platform with a expected annual revenue of around 12%, such as AI loan net, 1 million yuan, so that interest income can fully cover expenditure, that is, financial freedom. If your principal is not able to meet this condition, interest income can achieve freedom of the contract or the freedom of the package is good. No matter what kind of passive income form, the key is not to let money stand guard, choose the right way of financing and financial platform to go to finance The Freedom Trail.
          We of this generation, neither born nor capable of entering WTO shrewd, turnover in traditional code of conduct, but also to cope with one of the trifles. But we still believe that today's weight ahead is just to live more freely tomorrow.

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